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Print21 recently included an article that delves into the reasons for the closure of the Opal paper mill in MaryVale. Yes, there's no denying that the environment matters and is a major factor that governs the printing and packaging industries, but there always needs to be a balance.


In this case, the decision to take away the ability to source logs locally has left no other alternative other than to close the mill as the option of sourcing logs from elsewhere is simply not economically feasible. However, there are thousands of other decisions made each day that also have an impact on Australian jobs, not to the same extent as this one, but they all contribute.


Manufacturing in Australia is in decline with too many people that are governed by the initial cost of an item and have no thought about the long-term cost of their decision. As an example, we have a very capable packaging industry here in Australia, yet there are still many companies that have their packaging produced and imported from overseas because they can save a few dollars today. The problem is that the money they are spending overseas is leaving our shores rather than putting food on the table and supporting an Australian family. Ironically, that Australian family are most likely the consumers of these products that are the source of income for companies that have just paid overseas manufacturers. This takes away the income from the Australian manufacturing companies that end having to reduce their workforce or close the doors. Again, these are the consumers who are then left without an income to purchase the products that cost them their jobs in the first place!


We all need to think about the impacts our decisions make as the knock-on effect of these decisions can have a greater impact that goes in a spiral that comes back to us in turn.


Buy Australian and support local jobs.