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Food Standards Australia and New Zealand have now released a 5th version of the mandatory Pregnancy Warning Mark. This is a 1-colour version that can be used on the outer packaging of prescribed alcoholic beverage that includes more than one individual unit in the package that is:

  • made of corrugated cardboard and has an outside liner made of kraft, recycled or white paper
  • printed on using a post-print (flexographic) printing process.​​​​​


Although the Type 5 label must be printed slightly larger than the other versions, it can be printed in black only, which eliminates the need to print all jobs using the 2 colours that are required on the other versions of the mark.


Futher information is availbale through the Food Standard Australia and New Zealand website or FAQ PDF and you can download the full suite of labels from this link: (zip 11.8 mb)​