Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? Here are some of the questions that we are often asked.

Our prices are competive. Will you find cheaper packaging elsewhere? Perhaps, but we strongly doubt you would receive the same level of service or quality from another supplier that you will get from us. 

We don't aim to be cheap, but we certainly aim to be the best. In return, you will get much better value for your dollar.

Yes. All our product is produced here in Melbourne and our materials are sourced locally to support other local businesses.

When businesses import products from overseas claiming them to be "cheaper", they need to establish if there are any real savings in the long run? When products that can easily be manufactured here in Australia are imported from overseas, it is at the cost of the Australian economy and jobs, which results in a steady decline in domestic manufacturing and skilled workers and also places a strain on our welfare system.

In short, Australian products are manufactured up to a standard, not down to a price. We all need to get behind Australian companies to keep Australian jobs and the money circulating in the local economy.


How long is a piece of string? We always aim for the quickest possible turn around times, but there's many variables that must be factored in. These include the the production processes involved, the amount of work going through the factory at the time of ordering, and how your order fits into the weekly board production schedule. On average, we would advise a week from order, but there are times where this can be extended out. We will provide you with an ETA when you order and keep you updated as it progresses through production.

This answer is quite a simple one... All of them! 

Cardboard packaging is environmentally-friendly and very versatile so it can be integrated into all market sectors. We provide packaging for everything from seafood, dairy and frozen foods through to dry goods, general manufacturing and retail. Archival boxes for offices, mailing cartons for on-line retailers, cardboard hampers for promotional gift items, heavy-duty cartons for car panels, printed point-of-purchase displays for merchansing, vacuum bags for dried fruit, zip-lock pouches for nuts, labels for bottles and jars, folding cartons for individual retail items and the corrugated outers to pack them in - we do it all!

Yes. We understand that there are times where an overwhelming volume of jobs can all hit at the same time or a job comes up that you simply aren't equipped to handle in-house. We can help!

All trade work is handled discreetly and with the highest degree of confidentiality. If required, we can add your labels and pallet flags to save double-handling, we can even deliver directly to your customer on your paperwork if you wish us to.

A list of the services we offer is available on our services page or you can contact us if you wish to discuss this further.

Yes, we maintain a good selection of common cartons in stock that are ideal sizes to suit a wide selection of uses. Most of our stock cartons are in plain brown board, but there's some also available in white. All stock cartons can be digitally printed on our post printer if you wish to add your own branding.

Our stock cartons page lists the range of cartons we hold in stock. 

Yes. Our digital printer enables us to print directly onto existing cartons in full CMYK colour. Not only stock cartons, but also onto die-cut cartons. Best of all, we use water-based pigment inks so the print will be bright and long-lasting and is not affected by damp or cold.

Digital printing available

This is a question that can cause a great deal of confusion. Please don't feel intimidated as although it is second nature to us so we're happy to step you through it if you're not sure. 

As a common rule, all measurements are show in in millimeters and internal dimensions when the carton is erected. The order of the dimensions are written as L x W x D, where...

  • L= Length - the largest side of the carton
  • W=Width  - the shorter side of the carton
  • D=Depth - the height of the carton when sitting on a surface
  • F=Flute - when present, F identifies the direction of the flute when only 2 dimensions are applicable (such as a sheet of board). 

We have customers spread all over Melbourne, throughout regional Victoria and also some that are located in other states. We have our own trucks for local deliveries and a ute where access can be tight. We have preferred transport companies that we use for rural and interstate deliveries, but we can always notify you when your job is ready for collection if you prefer to make your own arrangements.

We have our own in-house designers, but if you are doing your own artwork, files can be supplied to us via email (under 10Mb), through our webform, or through a link to an external storage source such as OneDrive. We can create a OneDrive folder you if you don't have your own storage facility.

We use the latest version of Adobe Illustrator for our artwork so files should be supplied in .ai or .pdf formats.

In order to keep the process as smooth as possible, we have outlined the requirements in an "Artwork Guidelines" document that is available for download.

It sure is. Please don't feel guilty about using cardboard packaging. Cardboard is a biodegradable, compostable, renewable, sustainable product made from recycled paper and raw pulp from trees that are sourced from sustainable forests. Also, the inks used in packaging are made from eco-friendly vegetable oils and suitable for recycling too. We recycle all the offcuts from the manufacturing process so there's minimal wastage. However, cardboard can only be re-used if you fo your but and recycle your cardboard packaging to avoid it from going into landfill so please recycle!

Although we ensure that the materials for your package are going to be up to the job without going over the top, it is good to be able to decipher the code of the material that your packaging is made from. We have prepared a document that provides a short explanation of the code to help you better understand some of our language.

Not finding the answer to the question you have? Feel free to contact us and we'll be happy to answer any question you have.