Are you in need of cardboard packaging but not sure where to start? That is perfectly fine as we are here to help. We have hundreds of standard designs available in our CAD library, but that's just a starting point. We will configure the design for the required dimensions and board allowances and can even make any alteration to the standard designs or even come up with something totally unique just for you.

The common packaging designs are generally derived from two common libraries

  • FEFCO for corrugated 

  • ECMA for folding cartons


Here's a helpful guide to assist you in identifying the most common packaging designs.

FEFCO 0215 : Tuck In Top / Self Lock Bottom
FEFCO 0215
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A Tuck In Top / Self Lock Bottom carton (TIT/SLB) has a glued seam on the body of the carton, self-locking (or envelope) bottom that gets hand-erected by interlocking the panels and a hinged lid that tucks into the front panel.


Supplied flat for easy storage, the body is opened out and then the base is hand erected for the carton to be ready for packing. When packed, the dust flaps fold over the product and the lid folds over the dust flaps and tucks into the front.


The self-locking design is suitable to applications where extra security and strength is required at the base of the carton leaving on the top of the carton open for packing or unpacking the product. The cartons can be erected in a short period of time, but not as efficient as a crash-locking carton, therefore more suitable to lower volume packaging runs.


The TIT/SLB is a die-cut carton where unique tooling (a cutting forme) needs to be manufactured in order to produce the cartons. The design can be stepped out on the cutting forme to facilitate multiple cartons to be cut with each impresson to speed up production.



  • Suited to lighter corrugated board grades
  • Can be flexo printed or litho-laminated
  • Design can be customised to suit requirements prior to tooling manufacture (such as thumb holes or locking tabs)
Feel free to contact us and we'll be happy to come up with the perfect design for you.