Are you in need of cardboard packaging but not sure where to start? That is perfectly fine as we are here to help. We have hundreds of standard designs available in our CAD library, but that's just a starting point. We will configure the design for the required dimensions and board allowances and can even make any alteration to the standard designs or even come up with something totally unique just for you.

The common packaging designs are generally derived from two common libraries

  • FEFCO for corrugated 

  • ECMA for folding cartons


Here's a helpful guide to assist you in identifying the most common packaging designs.

FEFCO 0201 : RSC - Regular Slotted Carton
FEFCO 0201
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A Regular Slotted Carton (RSC) has top and bottom outer flaps that meet in the middle. Closure is either tape or glue to seal the carton.


An RSC is the most common and affordable form of packaging available due to the production process and efficient use of material.



  • Available in all corrugated board grades
  • Can be flexo printed
  • Can contain hand holes, vents, etc.



Feel free to contact us and we'll be happy to come up with the perfect design for you.